Fire protection systems and appliances should be serviced, examined and tested periodically.

ESMAR have qualified engineers and skilled technicians who are trained to service all Fire Fighting equipment’s in accordance to IMO and SOLAS regulations. Our service stations is well equipped for Inspection, Service and Certification of the below equipment’s.

Fire Fighting Services
  • Fire Extinguishers’ Annual Inspection / Refilling / Hydrotest
    • Portable Fire Extinguishers Services
    • Non-Portable Fire Extinguishers Services
  • Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems’ Inspection (CO2 system, Water mist system, Galley CO2 system, Fixed foam system, Wet chemical system).
  • CO2 System Visual Inspection of control valves blow air through. Two yearly inspection includes level check of all cylinders. Five yearly inspection: internal inspection of control valves. Ten yearly inspection is cylinder hydrostatic pressure test and internal inspection (min 10%)
  • Foam Sample Analysis
  • FM200 / Novec System Annual Inspection / Refilling / Hydrotest / Certification.
  • Fixed Fire Detection / Alarm System Annual Inspection & Certification.
  • Sprinkler System